There are many, many SEO tools competing for your attention in 2018. Below, we list the ‘Top 10’ free tools you need to be using as part of your modern SEO strategy.

Tablet standing on a desk with Google Search Console open, showing SEO metrics

  1. Google’s Webmaster Tools — the only real way to appreciate fully how Google perceives your site. Get speed insights, analytical information, and a wealth of free SEO information incredibly useful to beginners and pros alike.
  2. UpCity SEO Report Card — analyse your website and see how it compares with your competitors; an invaluable insight into your site’s performance!
  3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider — a desktop website crawler for PC, Mac and Linux. Find broken links, check redirects, discover duplicate content, analyse page titles and metadata, and more.
  4. FOUND SEO Audit Tool — a very handy tool for reviewing your site’s SEO, checking page’s metadata, link information and more.
  5. Varvy SEO Tool — another handy tool, you can use Varvy’s SEO Tool to check your website’s security, accessibility, pagespeed and mobile optimisation information.
  6. Ahrefs — learn how your competitors are doing and how you stack up. With Ahrefs, you can gather crucial information on your keywords of choice, perform competitor research, and check your website’s backlinks. Note that Ahrefs is a 7-day free trial service.
  7. SEOquake — a browser toolbar that allows you to perform an SEO audit of the website you’re on, on the fly. With a large selection of SEO parameters and the ability to easily export data, SEOquake is invaluable when conducting competitor research.
  8. SEMrush — billing itself an “All-in-one Marketing Toolkit”, SEMrush performs a detailed technical SEO audit and produces new and innovative ideas for gaining natural, authentic organic traffic.
  9. Website Grader — a service of HubSpot, this free online tool performs a quick SEO audit and provides you with a score out of 100, with detailed feedback and ways to improve. Can you beat your score?
  10. Check My Links — this free extension for the Chrome browser looks at every link of the page you’re on, checking for dead links. Too many dead links on a page, also known as link rot, will negatively affect your SEO, so this is a must-have!